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Derwent Media Training Has Closed

It is with great regret that we have to inform you of the closure of the Derwent Media Training Project.

For more infomation I have adapted the FAQ's below, it you have any other question please get in touch!


Didn’t you get the funding then?

Unfotunately not. Funding from Derwent New Deal for Communities came to an end at the end of October; since then we have been awaiting the outcome of an application to the Big Lottery Fund. This was also unsuccesful, mainly due to the oversubscription of the Reaching Communities Programme.

Is there nowhere else you can get funding from?

This is something we may look into. If there is any way at all of getting the project back up and running then we are all for it. However, we do ask anyone with any funding ideas not to bombard us just yet- we are still coming to terms the news and we hope you can respect this.

What about the corporate training?

It was an idea to incorporate training into the business to raise revenue and make the project sustainable. However due to personal circumstances of the management (Ollie & Sarah) we do not feel it is appropriate at this time to set up and run a business.


Does that mean Derwent FM is not coming back?

Not for the forseeable future. We have done seven amazing broadcasts which we are very proud of, and although we can't promise another one, never say never!

I've just completed the course, will I get my Certficate?

All completed portfolios have been submitted to Derby College. Your addresses have also been forwarded so you will get your certficate through the post in due course.

I enquired about enrolling earlier in the year, can’t I sign up now?

We are very very sorry. In April (or around that time) we placed an advert in the local paper for new trainees, which resulted in overwhelming response. This was a mistake and we can only apologise. 

Any last words?

Of course! We would like to thank everyone who made the project a success, whether as a trainee, employee or associate, member of Derwent Community Team, the Learning & Skills Council, Derwent Community School or Davinci Community College. We must also thank Andy Potter who set the whole thing up.

I can't seem to get in touch....

We've had to cut the phones off! If you have any pressing issues call or text Ollie on 07763 083997, otherwise fill in the box below as we will still be checking the emails. 

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OR you can post stuff to us; we will be checking the post occasionally!

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Thanks very much

Ollie & Sarah

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